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Peach-Nectarine Tree

Prunus persica

Peaches and Nectarines are the same thing! Nectarines are fuzz-less peaches.

Varieties Purchased:

Baby Crawford Peach Tree on Lovell Rootstock:

The Baby Crawford peach has an intensely rich, flavor. The medium size freestone peaches are yellow with golden-orange flesh and a slight blush. Fruit connoisseurs rate it at the top for flavor eaten fresh, preserved, dried or canned

Nectazee Nectarine Tree on Lovell Rootstock:

Enjoy the exquisitely flavored yellow fleshed, red skinned fruits on this beautiful, freestone dwarf nectarine tree. It will grow to about 5′ tall and wide. On Lovell rootstock.

Care and Cultivation:

Sun: Trees need full sun

Soil: Needs well-drained soil.

Pruning: Requires heavy pruning, peaches bear on new wood only!

Diseases: Peach Leaf Curl is a big problem for peach/nectarine trees. One natural and non-toxic way to combat peach leaf curl without spraying lime sulfer is to cover trees with polyurethane plastic during the winter months so that the branches remain dry throughout the winter.

Zones: 7-9